Teacher Training: The Pilates Room

"To Teach is to Learn Twice." - Joseph Hubertus Pilates

The first step in becoming a great Pilate’s instructor is being a great Pilates student. As with all other talents, in order to instruct others you must have mastered yours.

With their commitment to the "art of teaching", Power Pilates teacher instruction programs take you beyond simply learning the Pilates Method, and provide you with the tools to teach and inspire others. With a clear, organized program backed by tremendous resources and experience, Power Pilates sets the international standard for Pilates education.

Ready to take the first step? Please visit www.powerpilates.com for more information on the training program.

Would like to talk in person? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Bethanie at our Host Training Center at 630.833.5500 or email info@pilatesofelmhurst.com.

2020 Comprehensive Teacher Training Education:

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