Apparatus Sessions: Services & Rates from The Pilates Room

Introductory Package

Our Introductory Package is a terrific way to first experience what pilates can do for you. You will learn mat work as well as work on several pieces of equipment. This package is available to first time clients only and one package per client. We offer two choices of Introductory Packages:

  • 3 Private Sessions: $165.00
    (A $210 value)
  • 5 Private Sessions: $250.00
    (A $325 value)

Semi Private Sessions

Our Semi Private Sessions include you and two or more clients with an instructor. These classes will require you to have taken an introductory package and placed into a class by your instructor's recommendation. This allows you to diversify and challenge yourself while working along side others. (Costs are per client)

  • One Session: $38.00
  • 5-Pack $175.00
    (save $15)

Studio Package

Our Studio Package allows you to deduct sessions at your choice and receive a reduced rate by buying in bulk. This package expires one year after purchase.

  • Total Price: $1,000.00

Private Sessions

Our Private Sessions are ideal for beginners or clients in need of one-on-one attention. Private sessions are essential for advancement on apparatus and entry into group reformer and tower classes.

  • One: 55 Session: $70.00
  • One: 45 Session: $60.00
  • 5-Pack: $325.00
  • Studio Client Pays: $60.00

Duet Sessions

Our Duet Sessions include you and a partner with an instructor. This environment allows you to get a lot of individual attention, be pushed by your partner and to experience a variety of apparatus at the studio. Duet sessions require at least three previous private sessions. (Costs are per client)

  • One: 55 Session: $45.00
  • One: 45 Session: $40.00
  • 10-Pack: $425.00
    (save $25)
  • Studio Client Pays: $40.00